Spectator Information

This year's PDGA Pro World Championship is offering the following admission options to the event:

VIP Badge $85

The cost for this is $85 and gets you free parking during the entire event plus a special badge and Spectator Pack. The badge will get you special access to the VIP tent at the event (which will include snacks and food). The VIP badge will also get you a free shirt and FOUR special World Championship discs. The VIP badge will also get you one free meal at Lake Eureka.

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Weekly Parking Pass $35

The cost for this is $35 and gets you a free World Championship disc and a free shirt. This also gets you free parking for the entire tournament.

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Daily Parking Pass $10

The cost of this is $10 and will get you parking for one day at the event at any of the venues.

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Players will get free parking at all event venues. Anyone being dropped off at the event will not have to pay a fee. The fee is for cars who park only. These rates are per car. If you carpool with multiple people these rates do not change.

Additional Information

The 2019 PDGA Pro World Disc Golf Championship will be open to spectators starting Monday, August 12th, 2019. Find the event schedule and map below.

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